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... simply good film making.
The Art of Telling Your Story

... by simply good film making

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  • Audrey | © Bert Schwarz 2018

    Our camera team offers performance profiles for all types of film production. Our cam crew has the necessary qualifications and appropriate experience from productions at home and abroad. When you book a camera team with us, you can be sure that only experienced professionals will realize your projects.

    Place de la Poissonerie Grasse | © Bert Schwarz 2018

    TV im Web has the necessary equipment for special shooting situations and innovative visual impressions. This includes various camera systems from TV coverage in 4k to 35mm 12k formats. TV im Web regularly invests in the best state-of-the-art equipment to be ready for high-quality stories or documentaries.

    Schnittplatz | © Bert Schwarz 2020

    We handle the entire post-production of footage in-house. The post-production process begins with the storage of all possible recording formats in our editing server. Then the data is edited, mastered and distributed. At the same time, the graphics are created, animated if necessary, the voice-over is written and recorded, and the overall work of image, sound and soundtrack is composed. After approval of the post-production via shared link in the web browser, we provide you with the final result digitally in all desired formats.

    Fluss, Vézère, Ort, Montignac | © Bert Schwarz 2021


    Success of a film production requires a smooth, professional release on various communication channels. This includes the usual suspects (YouTube, Vimeo) and your presence event on screen and monitor.

    stock | © pixabay.com

    That' s how we work.

    Listen: Gather facts and identify what our customer wants.

    Understand: Developing creative ideas is only possible knowing facts and wishes of the customers.

    Do: We implement ideas and make sure they reach the target group.

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