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TV im Web was founded in 2008 to produce documentaries, and we remain true to our roots by continuing to produce artful, independent non-fiction films and content for purpose-driven brands. Our work illuminates unique human stories and allows audiences to identify with and understand the issues that shape all of our lives.

Under the direction of Bert Schwarz, the co-founder of TV im Web, our work is successfully used by clients. Our films can be seen on international client platforms and ipTV streaming platforms.

The Original.

Bert Schwarz comes to Dordogne

Produced by TV im Web for the online magazine tips-4-trips.de, the film "Meet the locals in the Dordogne Valley" tells the story about this legendary region: its rurality, gentle valleys and villages that seem out of time to outsiders. And about its gastronomic specialties, truffles, foie gras, walnuts and other treats for which "le Périgord" is known.

Bert Schwarz is in San Sebastián

An independent film production by TV im Web (soon online), which tells about the first, spontaneous discovery of a city completely unknown to the author. Step by step he gets closer to the city and its people.

Bert Schwarz on top of La Rhune

La Rhune is 905m high and the local mountain, the symbol of the Basque Country. Bert Schwarz takes the audience on the rack railroad, Le train de la Rhune, and leads them to the top. The panoramic view from here is extraordinary: it extends to the hills of the Basque Piedmont dotted with colorful half-timbered houses, the peaks of the Pyrenees, the Basque coast and the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz with its long, bright beaches visible from afar and, on clear days, as far as Biarritz in the distance.

Bert Schwarz visits Lille

On his travels through France, Bert Schwarz takes the audience to Lille, the "capital of Flanders," as it is also fondly called here. In the TV on the Web production, the author looks back on a breathtaking and eventful history of the city.

Bert Schwarz at Louvre Lens

Captivated by the history of the Louvre in Lens, an old mountain town, Bert Schwarz visits the museum, which has lost none of its fascination since it opened in 2012. The contrast of the region and the masterpieces in the museum alone make this house a real treat.

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