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Professional craftsmanship

In-house generated know-how and growing production experience - that' s the base on which we have successively developed into innovative players in the international production business over a period of around 40 years. With its innovation-driven and investment-friendly basic attitude, TV im Web is a partner and co-designer of many practical solutions and workflows for communications of tomorrow.

The skills

With our expert staff and shared competences, TV im Web GmbH makes comprehensive services in the areas of film and corporate video possible and can thus react flexibly to dynamic production projects. For this purpose, we have spatial and technical capacities at our disposal: from mobile camera systems, sound and lighting equipment to production vehicles and networked editing suites.
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Camera team
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Post production
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VoD. | Streaming
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TV im Web is a publisher of online magazines in the area of leisure - vacation - culture. Here, too, we have been following the principle of in-house production since 2008 and do not employ any external authors. We only tell the stories of our own travels : 100% self-experienced, 100% on location, 100% travel. This guarantees authenticity and takes the perspective of the individual traveler.
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In the field of Corporate Video, we offer image, corporate and recruiting or product films that are equally impressive presented on the Internet or at presence events. We have decades of experience in sales and marketing in the international plant and investment goods business and have been creating intelligent concepts for complex topics since 2001. We are guided by the principles of integrated communication management.
Concept - Production - Post Production - Delivery - Publication

Your partner for the entire added value chain

A film production, no matter how big and extensive, is a complex matter. That's why we have a standardized procedure. We make sure that nothing will be forgotten during this phase.

The further content and conceptual procedure is being coordinated. We usually offer a first, personal meeting free of charge when the approximate total budget of the production is known. This is usually the case when an initial calculation drafted by us has been discussed internally.

A film production is an individual service - not a ready-made product. So there are very few fixed costs only, variable costs, on the other hand, are proportionately very high, because the amount of individually deployed labor and technology of a video production depends on your goals and ideas. Therefore, we estimate production costs only after the conceptual coordination.
ipTV - Video Production

Coverage, Features, Magazines

We produce stories for the online magazine tips-4-trips.de reaching people who are interested in independent travel, cultural and other facts of interest. The magazine is a popular communication channel for regions, cities and service providers.